Supervisor Training

Example of a short supervisor training course

4-day course in supervision with time set aside for intermediate training.

Number of participants: 8-16 participants

Target group: Psychologists and other professionals, that must perform supervision as part of their professional role.

Aim: Becoming clear, secure, reflective, and theoretically sound in your supervisor approach.

Goal: The ability to perform individual and group supervision with a large sense of security and reflection.


  • What is supervision?
  • Structure and theoretical framework.
  • What is the theoretical approach? What terminology must be established and clarified, and what is its impact on the supervision space: The constructionist, the systems theoretical, the recognizing and narrative, and domain theory.
  • The creative power of language – and why it is important to highlight communication when becoming a supervisor.
  • Supervision notions and supervision positions.
  • A structure in the supervision dialogue.
  • The contract as a working instrument


Day 1, training in individual supervision.

Day 2, training individual supervision in groups.

Day 3, training group supervision.

Day 4, perspectives on experiences.

All utilised material is distributed. Relevant articles and books are recommended. A log is recorded throughout the training. 

The supervisor training can be adapted to the client’specific wishes and needs.