Stress Turn-Around

One of Dansk Erhvervspsykologi A/S’s approaches to organisational stress management involves the entire organisation.

The approach is adapted to the individual organisation and its specific conditions and challenges with stress. A typical approach may include:

  • A ½ day course for senior management.
  • 1 day course for the health and safety organsation and the union representative system.
  • ½ day course for all employees - can be arranged departmentally or in connection to department events.
  • 2 hour follow-up meeting for all employees approximately 2 months later.
  • It may be beneficial to map the extent of the stress (measured through new stress cases with full or partial sick leave, before and after the Stress Turn-Around effort).
  • Finally, it may be necessary to train/conduct courses on early stress identification for managers in the organisation.

Some of the points in Stress Turn-Around concern:

  • It is the severe stress that must be avoided – because severe stress leads to big expenses.
  • Severe stress cannot be limited if stress is not addressed.
  • Several types of stress exist.
  • The closest colleagues, have the best opportunities to identify stress early.

Typically, the two largest challenges associated with a stress course, is in part, to ensure the employee acknowledges and accepts that they are affected by stress, as well as ensuring the employee does not rush their return to work.