Stress management course for managers

When an employee is partially or fully on sick leave with stress, a manager is faced with several challenges – how to ensure the affected employee is cared for, while simultaneously ensuring the remaining employees, now under more pressure, are also cared for. How to ensure, that the department’s productivity is sustained as best possible? If the manager is not already feeling pressured, they may easily become so in this situation.

The stress management course aims to properly equip managers to prevent and tackle stress – their employee’s stress as well as their own.

The areas of focus will be:

  • Understanding stress – causes and types.
  • Symptoms of stress and warning signs of early stress.
  • How managers best can prevent stress – at both organisational and individual levels.
  • How a manager best handles employees affected by stress.
  • How to best support the remaining employees when one or more employees are affected by stress.
  • How a manager handles personal stress-related challenges, including the dilemma of caring for employees while also caring for themselves.
  • What the best course of action is for a stress-affected employee returning from full or partial sick leave.