Presentation on employee/work environment day: The tripartite consultation as a part of stress management efforts 

Presentations can be held about:   

What are the possibilities and potential benefits of a tripartite consultation?  

  • The psychologist can facilitate a dialogue between the manager and the employee, for instance, regarding work conditions that have triggered or contributed to the employee's stress 
  • The manager's perspective and input can be included in the employee's consultations 
  • Collective psychoeducation about stress
  • Facilitating the employee's return to work following sick leave
  • A plan for the employee's return can be developed collaboratively 

What are the challenges when conducting/using/in tripartite consultations?  

  • That the psychologist must adapt their position toward the employee 
  • That the manager is insecure in their position and managerial role during the consultation  
  • That the employee may feel that the manager is "meddling" in the course of their consultations 
  • A dysfunctional collaboration between a mangar and an employee can make tripartite consultations difficult 

How is the psychologist's confidentiality with the employee handled during the tripartite consultation? 

Who takes the initiative for the tripartite consultation, who arranges it, and where is it conducted?  

The number of hours used, the concluding report, and evaluation forms during the courses of consultations, where a tripartite consultation has been included. 

Content and form are adapted to the organisation and the occasion.