Lecture about stress and well-being  

"Stress strikes individually but must be solved collectively" – an inspiring lecture about stress, well-being and job satisfaction. The focus will be on knowledge of stress and stress prevention and management.  


Learn more about:  

  • What is stress? 
  • Understanding stress 
  • Why are so many people affected by stress presently/currently? 
  • Types and degrees of stress 
  • Symptoms of stress
  • " Treating" stress
  • Where can you receive help regarding stress?
  • How to recover from stress
  • How can you, your colleagues, and your manager best prevent and avoid stress
  • Who is at" fault" if you are affected by stress?
  • What can we learn from stress?  

We can conduct the lecture at the end of a workday or during an employee development day, where parts of, or the entire organisation, are gathered.  


Examples on courses we offer: