NEO PI-R is a personality test with many potentials – Manager and employee development, recruitment, team development, etc.

Testing is also offered using the updated version NEO PI-3.

NEO PI-R is a structured personality test, building on the internationally recognized five-factor model (related to “The Big Five”), supported by decades of American and British empirical research.  
The test is theory independent but is based on the hypothesis that personality is best described through inherent personality traits, and that these traits can be reduced to 5 general and fundamental dimensions of personality. 
These 5 dimensions provide an extensive, overall description of an individual’s personality, in other words, an insight into their cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and behavioural approach to the world.

NEO PI-R is available in two versions (a short and a long), that both can be administered to persons over 17.
The short version consists of 60 questions and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to administer. Here, the 5 dimensions are measured and a general impression of the test person is provided. The long version contains 240 questions and takes approximately 45-50 minutes to administer. This version provides a more nuanced profile of the person, as in addition to the 5 general dimensions, the test measures 30 personality traits, also termed facets.
Additionally, the long version provides the opportunity to combine the test person’s responses, with a 360-degree assessment, to compare the individual’s assessment with their peers.

Dansk Ehvervspsykologi A/S has psychologists that are certified and trained in the use of NEO PI-R. They help ensure you benefit the most from the results, in terms of understanding and managing daily living and working conditions.

Both managers and employees can benefit from this test, which is typically employed in coaching, manager, or employee development courses.