Hogan Assessment

Hogan Assessment consists of three test profiles, that can be conducted individually or collectively.

HOGAN Personality Inventory (HPI) is used when evaluating personality and predicting job performance, including how you handle stress, interact with others, approach tasks, and solve problems

The test is externally validated, i.e. the results are based on external measures of others assessment of reputation and behaviour, through approximately 200 questions. The test is validated on over 200 occupations and uses Danish norms. 

The consultant provides feedback based on a report describing 7 scales including, adjustment, sociability, prudence, and learning approach, as well as 6 occupational scales.  

Leadership Forecast Values (VMPI) describes your core values and ambitions/goals, and how they affect your career. Values are an essential part of your identity. They provide insight into who you are, what you stand for, and what environments you will thrive in.
The consultant provides feedback based on a report describing 10 value scales; every scale is composed of five subscales covering lifestyle, beliefs, occupational preferences, antipathy, and preferred business partners.

HOGAN development survey (Hds) is a personality-based assessment of derailment potential for the test person, and by establishing a strategic awareness of this, preventative strategies can be developed.  
Through an externally validated survey comprised of 168 questions, the test person receives insight into reactions under pressure, and thereby what negative behaviour may arise.

The consultant provides feedback based on a report describing 11 primary scales including degrees of skepticism, reservation, drama, and dutifulness. The test is developed for recruitment, and career-related decisions such as relocation, promotion, career counselling, coaching, and team development.

We have certified organisational psychologists that can administer the test and provide feedback.