DISC is a personality assessment based on William Moulton Marston’s theories from 1928, concerning human behaviour in organisations. DISC assessment displays a person’s behaviour in various contexts and is, for this reason, well-suited for recruitment as well as employee development.

The analysis provides a practical strategy for the development of individuals and groups. Various DISC assessments building on William Moulton Marston’s theories have been developed, for example, Thomas DISC, Ensize DISC, Extended DISC, and DISC personality profile from Discover.

Although all these assessments build on Marston’s theories, the quality may vary, and it is, therefore, vital to exercise caution when selecting your DISC assessment.

Dansk Ehvervspsykologi A/S has psychologists that are certified and trained in the use of NEO PI-R. They help ensure you benefit the most from the results, in terms of understanding and managing daily living and working conditions.

Both managers and employees can benefit from this test, which is typically employed in coaching, manager, or employee development courses. The test is well-suited when compiling group profiles, such as in teams.