Leader development process

Leadership development has many forms and areas of focus. Learning and training are based on various excellent and effective theories and approaches, to develop your behaviour and skills as a manager. Our experience, however, is that the individual manager often has one, or more mannerisms, or reaction patterns that repeatedly inhibit their development as a leader. We also find, that often these mannerisms and reaction patterns, are a result of deeper rooted opinions and experiences, that the manager is not always aware of.

At Dansk Erhvervpsykologi A/S we – as specialists in organisational psychology – focus on what we are best at: Developing a managers personality – working with the fundamental beliefs and experiences that inhibit the manager in his/her further development.

Leadership development is conducted through several individual consultations with one of our experienced organisational psychologists. After an initial, clarifying consultation, the framework for the course is established: Goals, number of consultations, etc. If necessary, superior management can be included in the initial and concluding sessions of the leadership development course.

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