Course for managers when includingtripartite consultations 

A ½-day course for managers concerning tripartite consultations as a link between external psychological consultations and the managerial approach to employees affected by stress and other job-related challenges 


  • How does the agreement with Dansk Erhvervspsykologi work?  
  • How are the consultations conducted, and what is typically the content of these? 
  • The purpose of tripartite consultations, particularly regarding employees affected by stress 
  • Practical considerations when conducting tripartite consultations 
  • Confidentiality, relations and positions when conducting tripartite consultations 
  • As a manager, what is expected of me, and what is my role, contribution, and responsibility during the tripartite consultation  
  • What happens after the tripartite consultations – follow-ups etc.  
  • Contact with the psychologist before and following the tripartite consultation 
  • The results/benefits of tripartite consultations – opportunities and challenges 
  • How is it handled if a personnel case occurs in parallel with the psychological consultations?