Conflict management course  

A 1-day course in conflicts and conflict management 

The course will focus on:  

  • Understanding conflicts 
  • The concept of conflict 
  • That conflicts play a part in development and change and are therefore not only negative, with a winning side and a losing side.  
  • That there is almost always a positive intention underlying a conflict 
  • Types of conflicts 
  • Dynamics in conflicts
  • Why conflicts easily escalate
  • Mechanisms of perception 
  • Conflict escalation and the Conflict Ladder 
  • Conflict management tests and conflict management styles
  • Escalating and de-escalating language and behaviour
  • How conflicts can be managed constructively
  • Positions
  • The process of managing conflicts
  • Mediation 

The structure of the course will be through presentations, tests, small exercises that focus on everyday conflict experiences among the participants, and group and plenary discussions.