Leadership Development

As a manager, you can easily find yourself in situations that are difficult to tackle.

Conflict management

Every once in a while, conflicts arise between employees in an organisation. 


Many potential reasons may underly a dysfunctional collaboration between a manager and one or more employees.


Supervision provides those professionals working with establishing strong relations the opportunity to gain new knowledge in their technical praxis while also helping them manage the, at times, complex relations they may encounter.


We advise and train, so you can prevent stress and encourage employee well-being.

Psychological work environment

In collaboration with the management, HR and the work environment organisation, processes of change are identified, and new ones are developed, planned, and executed.

Investigations and reports

Occasionally, situations will arise in an organisation where an external consultant is needed for a broader investigation and clarification of what has happened and is currently happening within an organisation.

Industrial-Organisational psychological tests

We offer courses in crisis and crisis management and in developing and formulating internal security material and manuals.

Professional Identity

We employ and offer a comprehensive and qualified selection of tests and profiling tools.