Supervision Courses

Example of a supervision course at a municipal workplace

The agreement concerns supervision for managers and employees in the department. The supervision is conducted in four separate and independent groups, 1 management group, and 3 staff groups. A management representative can, in agreement with the staff, join the staff supervision.

The agreement entails that the group, between each session, prepares themes, and, if possible, have work themes (“homework”), where they practice/implement what they learn and/or become aware of.

The aim of the supervision is:

  • That the individual employee gains knowledge about their work function, professional role, and managing the potential effects that working with citizens entails.
  • That each group of employees that collaborate when solving tasks, gain knowledge about their cooperative methods (culture), and their work methods (tools).
  • That the organisation gains knowledge about what is required to continuously optimize the connection between what you wish to obtain (values and visions), and the work that is actually being performed. 

Different work methods are used during the supervision, depending on the theme of the supervision, the individual employee, and the group dynamic. Every supervision aims to facilitate learning at individual, group, and organisational levels.

Additionally, through its form, the supervision aims to support the theoretical basis on which the department works. 

The supervision is set for 6 times, with one management group and three staff groups per time/day.