Stress management and Well-being

Example: ’End-of-day meeting’: Well-being and job satisfaction

An inspiring afternoon about stress – knowledge, prevention, and management.

Danske Erhvervspsykologer conducts a presentation that provides you knowledge and insightful techniques for preventing and managing stress and helps you obtain greater joy and energy in your daily life.

Areas of focus include:

What is stress?

Stress – not a disease, but the consequence of stressors at work and/or in your private life.

Well-being – bustle – pressure – dissatisfaction – sick leave.

How do you avoid the slippery slope?

What is pressuring you when you are at work?

General knowledge about stressors in the work environment.

What are the characteristics of stressors at work?

General knowledge about the signs and symptoms, that you, your colleagues, and the management should keep an eye out for.

What can be done?

How do prevent that you, or one of your colleagues, becomes affected by stress?  
Preventing challenges and pressure from developing into a disorder.  
How do you establish a constructive dialogue and a culture with a preventive focus? 

What help is available, and how does it benefit?