Stress management course – for employees

The stress management course aims to equip you, as an employee, to prevent and manage stress. 

The course focuses on:

  • Understanding stress – causes, types.
  • Symptoms of stress, and warning signs of early stress symptoms.
  • How to prevent stress – work routines, signs to be aware of, etc.
  • How to best recover from stress.
  • Your experiences with stress.
  • How to manage your job and collaboration with your manager if you are affected by stress.
  • How to best return fully to work after complete or partial sick leave.


Target group: Employees/staff at all levels in public and private organisations. This course focuses on stress from an employee perspective. If you, as a manager or project leader, are seeking knowledge and tools concerning managerial stress management and stress-affected employeesplease see Stress management course – for managers.

Form: Presentations, discussions, and group work.

Number of participants: Max 15.

Duration: 1 day, and a 2-hour follow-up meeting.


The courses are arranged as both open courses and, for larger companies, as closed courses, customised to the specific organisation.