When large and complex tasks require the collective effort of many people in their solution, an organisation of the work Is necessary.

By organisation, we mean the system of roles, functions, structures and, tasks – linked through communication pathways – that are established so that management and employees can reach a common goal. The organisation is more than the sum of the employees and management. It is about we and us – more so than you and yours.

Effective organisations have a high level of conscious, stable, and focused cooperation between the people within the organisation.

When Dansk Erhvervspsykologi A/S is requested for a task, it is because the organisation has determined that a psychological approach is required in the solution. 

We work at individual, group, management, and organisational levels. We can based on our background, knowledge, and experiences within psychology and organisations,  identify and resolve dynamics, opportunities, and challenges. We can also create insight, knowledge, and development regarding structures, processes, culture, communication, and cooperation.

We can clarify and work with roles, relations and, motivation, or lack thereof. With appropriate measures, we can develop the individuals within the organisation.

We can assist when developing goals, missions, and visions, and can contribute with strategic solutions for concrete challenges.