Manager – Stress management

Stress is a challenge for managers and management in two ways:

  • Stress is a strain and expense for the organisation/department – particularly when one or more employees are signed off of work with stress.
  • The manager(s) may personally be affected by stress – e.g. when starting a new job, organisational changes, and challenges in the organisation or department.

When guiding the organisation/department through the stress-related challenges, the manager(s) are often faced with the dilemma of taking care of their employees, as well as the remaining organisation, and productivity.

Managers are naturally focused on the organisationthe productivity, and their employees – but regarding stress, they do not always take care of themselves. They may also think they can handle every obstacle and demand without being affected by stress.

For this reason, it can be largely beneficial for managers to participate in one of Dansk Erhvervspsykologi’s stress management courses. Here the primary areas of focus are:

  • Understanding stress – causes, types, and characteristics.
  • How a manager best handles the managerial/organisational challenges.
  • How a manager personally handles stress-related challenges – this can also be used to help and guide employees affected by stress.

Assistance for managers with stress-related challenges can also be provided through Management sparring and coaching.