Management sparring and coaching

The position as a manager entails many challenges and prioritizations. Managers may be pressured for production figures, deadlines, finances, or may feel that there is insufficient time for managing personnel/employees as well as professional immersion and development.

Perhaps the organisation is experiencing difficulties that are challenging to define, in part because the management is directly involved. A manager may be uncertain about whether it is appropriate to address these with the remaining management and colleagues.

The path toward and the motivations behind becoming a manager can be very different. Perhaps it was intending to gain professional influence, or perhaps one was appointed when a previous manager stopped. Many management degrees and courses exist but are usually not provided before a while into a managerial employment.

As a manager, one can easily encounter situations that are difficult to tackle – both in terms of planning, decision, and execution, but also personally.

Management sparring

are sessions where the manager presents their problem or situation and – depending on the requirements and situation – receives help to handle it. It may be through an analysis, developing a hypothesis, information, input, counselling, ideas, different perspectives, “devils advocate”, constructive criticism, etc. This could be through one or more sessions, typically lasting 1,5 hours. They could take place in our offices or in the organisation. See an example of Management sparring.

Management coaching

are sessions where the primary focus is on how a manager can achieve their goals – both in terms of job results, career-wise and personally. This would typically be through several sessions, to follow up on previous goals, adjust plans, etc.