Management and conflict resolution

Often, there is an unspoken expectation that mangers – at least to an extent – do not have conflicts with their co-managers, superiors, or their employees. Since constructive conflict resolution is a part of being a managerthis is, of course, a relevant expectation.

However, managers – regardless of managerial level – are human beings with experiences, opinions, ambitions, and imperfections. For this reason, Dansk Erhvervspsykologi’s experience is that plenty of conflicts and (power) struggles exist,  even at managerial levels, and although these may not be as apparent or distinct, they can have a big impact on decisions, productivity, and the work climate in the department/organisation. In particular, when employees are involved in the conflict, for instance, when a departmental manager and his superior provide conflicting instructions to the employees.

Often, these situations would be handled through organizational changes and terminations, but in light of the expenses associated with this, psychological conflict management can be a quicker, easier, and less costly approach.