Individual supervision

Supervision provides professionals working with relational work, the opportunity to gain knowledge within their professional practice, and with assistance to handle the, at times, difficult relationships.

Relational work is continually evolving, in every aspect. The people one works with and their circumstances change. Organisations, laws, and regulations are changing. The professionals most essential resource in their work, the professional himself – is also changing.  

Purpose: To offer a room, with the opportunity to contemplate, think, reflect and react, in order to discover new energy, new opportunities, new perspectives, and new support when solving core/work assignments and tasks.

This can be in the form of case, or personal, supervision.


  • Professional knowledge, awareness and behavioural competency
  • Personal professional robustness

Method: The methods utilised are adapted to the supervisee and the challenges they experience in their work. 

Target group: Professional relational workers in both public and private organisations.

Duration:  There is the possibility for a single session, several sessions, and longer courses with supervision.