A professional organisation or company cannot exist without employees. A manager would not be able to solve tasks and achieve their set goals, without qualified and professional employees to perform the jobs.

There are many causes behind the challenges an employee may face at work. It may be because the task, or the scope of this, is unclear or has changed. It may be due to difficulties cooperating with colleagues. A difficult relationship with one’s manager may also affect well-being at work.

The employee’s approach to a task, their cooperation, and the work culture in the department/organisation has a big impact on the employee’s satisfaction, and the company’s goal achievement. These things often go hand in hand.

The heart of the organisation

In Dansk Erhvervpsykologi A/S we perceive the employees as the heart of the organisation.

The wording arises from the value we attribute the employees and has an impact on the way we, as organisational psychologists, work with the individual employee, a group, or a department.

Dansk Erhvervspsykologi A/S is typically requisitioned for employee-related tasks when:

  • an employee or group become dissatisfied,
  • several employees are affected by stress,
  • a task is difficult and requires external supervision,
  • a group has experienced violence and/or threats and the crisis intervention requires follow-up,
  • two persons in the organisation are clashing,
  • a group is experiencing conflict,the collaboration between a manager and a group is not functional,
  • the task’s what’, how, and why (the main objective) is understood or approached differently within the department,målinger vedr. det psykiske arbejdsmiljø ikke er gode,
  • measures of the psychosocial work environment are low.